Кэтлин Берк

Родилась в Hammond, Indiana. Умерла в Chicago.

She first moved to Chicago where she worked as a radio actress and fashion model before she entered the Paramount Studios’ nationwide contest to find the “Panther Woman” for their H.G. Wells’ screen adaptation. Kathleen was picked from the eventual four finalists which had also included Verna Hillie, Gail Patrick and Lona Andre. After the film, she married Glen A. Rardin in February 1933, but they were seperated and later divorced the following year. In 1936 her contract with Paramount was terminated. She married dancer Jos Fernandez in March of 1936. After giving birth to a daughter Antonia in June 1938, they moved to New York where she appeared in a radio drama during 1940. She later married Forrest Smith, but little is known about her for the last forty years before her death. 30’s 1932 Island of Lost Souls (as Lota) 1933 Murders in the Zoo (as Evelyn Gorman). Sunset Pass. The Mad Game 1934 Good Dame (as Zandrall). Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back 1935 Awakening of Jim Burke. Mutiny Ahead. Beauty’s Daughter. Rocky Mountain Mystery. School For Girls. The Lives of a Bengal Lancer. The Lasdt Outpost 1936 Nevada. Craig’s Wife (as Adelaide Passmore). The Lion Man 1937 The Sheik Steps Out. Boy of the Streets 1938 Rascals.


Жизнь Бенгальского Улана

Жизнь Бенгальского Улана

The Lives Of A Bengal Lancer, 1935, Режиссер: Актеры: , , , , ,

Северо-Западная Индия. Алан МакГрегор молодой лейтенант 41-го уланского полка, опытный военный пограничник, но, прежде всего, он человек, а потом солдат и всегда говорит то, что думает, может и не выполнить приказ и от этого вступает в конфликт с начальством. Полная противоположность – его командир, полковник Стоун, настоящий служака, которому предстоит отставка, но перед этим он […]